16 Feb 2015

From My Heart To Yours ~ Book Review

I got an opportunity to read this simple yet a beautiful collection of poems written by M.A.Q. Rizvon. His poems captured various themes, which includes, love, faith, life and people. While reading the poems, I felt I could relate with some of his lines.

Few lines touched me. Few made me think. Few gave me smile. Few let me ponder.

They’ve come to me, they’ve love for me
I’ll hold them warm and close to my heart!

When I was reading a poem titled, Reunion, I perceive it as a father and son relationship. Still I think it has a deeper meaning. It’s like whatever happens the father takes care of the child. And to me, it was like reliving my relationship with my father.

I came to you on enfeebled feet
Heavy of heart downcast in eyes

During my childhood days when my father was home, he always took care of me - from covering my school books to putting plasters on my bruised knee. As I read this poem, I could feel the emotions of how a father able to lift the kid’s spirits. I also feel that in the midst of growing up, we face our own struggles and realize that our father is also a human being dealing with the same emotions. I like these lines...

In your sad eyes, the solace I sought
I was so fragile, I would bear no loss
I am back in stride euphoric in thought.

At end of the day I always go to my father for that one last support. This poem had a positive note and ended well.

And another poem I liked in this book is In her eyes, The history. I appreciate how the poet portrayed the woman as a strong figurehead of the family. She came from elsewhere but made her mark in her husband’s family. I like how she was strong and didn't give up her values. But I also felt the shadow of her husband’s support in every line.

In her eyes
I read the history of humanity.


She dared and welcomed life as a trusted friend:
With a smile, confident and challenging at once.

I want to know more about her. How did she learn to be positive and courageous? This is a poem with feminist touch.

About the Author

Muhammad Abdul Qaiyum Rizvon, born on 1930 at Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu. He worked as a post master in the 1960s, an insurance agent in the 70s and a film journalist in the 80s. But in the myriad of jobs, he was always a writer - in heart and in soul.

Altogether, these poems are easy to read and anyone can relate with it. I enjoyed reading the poems but at times I wished it had more layers and perspectives in it to provoke deeper thinking.

13 Feb 2015

The Ultimate Story Writing Contest

Today we have announced the short story writing contest details, I was talking about in my previous post. Don’t miss this opportunity to create a mystery. Of course, we have set some rules and regulations to enter. So drop in HERE for more details.

Its time to kill!
Are you ready for the thrill?
C'mon, take a chill pill!

Here comes the prompt.

The genre is Thriller/Mystery. The contest is open to all. And multiple entries allowed but we may pick the best entry from each when considering for the prize.

If you think the contest is interesting and worthwhile to share, then do tell your friends to write and bring in more entries to leave us in a confused state to pick the best among the best.

We are waiting to read more thrilling stories from you. Remember a Secret Agent is waiting to investigate the mysteries.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity to write and win gift vouchers from the team Enigma!

Wishing you all the very best!

12 Feb 2015

Finally, The Contest!

Once upon a time.. still not very long ago.. I was talking about hosting a creative writing contest but for some reason, it got delayed. Well, now all fell in place and here I, er, ‘we’ are conducting a Story Writing Contest. Huh, who WE? Ashwin, my blogger friend and I, together we gave you Enigma: A Tale Of Mystery. Now again after a year, we are bringing you a wonderful opportunity to explore your creativity and give us some thrilling rides.

This time it’s not as a Rat’s birthday bash but 1 year anniversary of Enigma. Our reason to celebrate!

Wanna know more? Hold on to your seats.. Only two more days to go..

Keep your fingers crossed and get ready to celebrate your Valentine’s day writing for this amazing contest and try to win the prize money.

Are you ready?

10 Feb 2015

Being A Great Dad...


Sometime in our life, we come across a person who changes our views towards life and becomes our inspiration. True hero is that person who always inspires us, motivates us and always been there as our silent supporter on whom we can rely upon. Still at times we can even take that person for granted. Though for the world they are not known but for someone they are their real heroes. We all need a role model who fuels our dreams to make our world a better place. Mine is my Vaapa!

He was working abroad for many years when I was young. I used to crave for his presence during those important moments in my life. Like when I received the first prize at the School Day function or even to attend the parents’ meeting at school. As a kid I many times have felt sad that he could not be there when I needed him. But when he was home he made sure all his time spent was only for us and nothing more. But later as I grew up, I realized he was staying that many miles away from the family only to support and stand for us.. Only us!

I still remember those nights when my father used to call me and my brother to play Scrabble after others went to bed. It is still fresh in my memory how we used to simply talk, talk and talk. My brother and I used to ask endless questions and he never got tired or hesitated to answer us. He has told us stories about his life, growing up, his father, the mistakes he had made, the accomplishments he had achieved and some crazy things he had done. And there we would sit, listen and laugh until our stomachs hurt while making our moves trying to form a bingo in the Scrabble and beat his score.

He has taught us the value of life, self-esteem, self-confidence and the courage to handle tough situations in life. He even taught us to dream a lot where we can let our imaginations wander without any limits.

For every daughter, her father is the perfect man – her first love, her admiration and lot more. I look upon himself for everything including his dressing style, his charisma, and the way he carries himself. My Vaapa is the best!

But I wonder what it is to be a #GreatDad for the dad himself. Few weeks back when I was talking to this guy who had just became a father; he told me about how all he prepared himself to be the best dad for his child.

He said,

‘When I heard the first cry of my son, that was the moment I realized that I really want to be a great dad. But the question ‘What makes a great dad?’ made me travel back to my childhood to find the answer.

Being the best dad begins when you are a son and continues until you become a grandfather. For every child the father is the first hero. This happens irrespective of any characteristic of the father. Isn’t that a great head start for every father to become a great dad?

While I was a son, there were many moments when I felt that my dad is great. May it be when my dad cheered me up during my kho-kho game or when he bought me a drawing board to improve my passion for painting or when he was by my side when my first crush rejected me. These moments are the beginning of my journey to become a great dad.

When I found out that I am going to be a father, I was overwhelmed with several emotions. Joy was the initial wave, followed by a heavy sense of anxiety. I'm not really an anxious person, but the idea of bringing up a child gave me a new sense of responsibility that I had not experienced before. Even before I realize, I was already preparing myself to be the best dad ever. Be it a son or daughter this preparation laid a strong foundation for the journey ahead. To list a few things out of many I did to prepare myself are -

* Understanding the beautiful relationship with my child.
* Balancing my emotional side to perfectly accommodate the feeling of having a child and taking up the role of a father
* Reading about the child and his growth and development during the initial step of life.
* Saving separately for my child's needs.
* Planning my life ahead around my child and making myself as the best part of my child’s life.

All these things assured me that the direction I have taken to be the best for my kid is right and made me feel great with my heart n mind. Now my son is three months old and I already feel great being a dad. With all the preparations, I am tailoring to be the best to present myself to my son. And my success in this journey will be when he sees me as the perfect reference for him to be a great dad to my grand child.

With this good hope my journey of making myself a great dad continues...’

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person. He believed in me. ~ Jim Valvano.

I have written this post as a part of the #GreatDad Campaign in association with SBI Life Insurance.

27 Jan 2015

When Cupid Strikes..

Cupid strikes anywhere any time. Like everyone, I also have my own dream of falling in love and being loved in return. I have a huge crush on this guy ever since I met him and I know he also has a bit of interest in me. But we are not that expressive. How long could I take this? Sometimes I feel like expressing myself and many times I dream that he is proposing me going on his knees.

With love in the air, I wish for some silly yet cute romantic things to happen in my life too.

Scene 1

An evening walk on the beach sand with him watching the beautifully painted sky, she was carrying her sandals in one hand and slightly brushing his fingers with another. As the waves slapping the shore, she walked towards the sea as the soft rays sizzling on her. The waves gently kissed her feet and she started to play with the splashing water.

She : Can you carry this for me? *showing her sandals to him*
He  : I can't carry it for you but I can carry you!

Leaving her stiff and numb, he smiled lifting her up, making her fall in love head over heels with him.

Scene 2

A gentle stroll down the lane with him, she was giggling all along and talking all sorts of blah blah blahs. He suddenly stopped and went in front of her....

He  : You are crazy, you know?
She : Haha. Just like you.. J
He  : I love your craziness.
She : Tell me something I don’t know. *eyes rolling*
He  : I love the way you fumble your words and that quick reaction you give before anyone could point it out. I love the way you make hassles while cooking and serve me the dish even with your single strand of hair when I eat. I love to watch you play shuttlecock that too when you become a spectator all of a sudden, forgetting the game and catching the ball and tilt your head and say ‘oops sowwiee’. I love your big rolling eyes even when you stare at me in your angry mood. I love you when you forget that I am around when you have chocolate ice cream in front of you. I love when you try to convince me that you have a squint eye. I love when you demand me to do something even though it makes no sense at all. I love the way you munch nachos when you watch the movie. I love your funny walk which makes me realize that I want to walk with you all my life.

Then he went on his knees in that middle of the road, pretending to tie his shoe lace. Lifting his head up and taking her hand and planted a kiss.

He : I fall in love with you for whoever you are and whatever you do. I love you now and I want to love you all my life!

She was standing there right in front of him with tears oozing out from the corner of her eyes.

She : You are so irresistibly crazy.. And I hate you, too..!

She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight and they kissed.

Scene 3

That one moment she realized that he was the one for her, she visited him at his work place without prior notice. He was totally surprised by her visit.

He  : Hey Mira, what are you doing here?
She : I am in love with you.
He  : Er.. what.. you with me?
She : Yes. Remember, I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

He stood there speechless as he spread his arms to hold her forever and ever... 

And they lived happily ever after!

We don’t know when cupid strikes and with whom. Feel and express your love this Valentine’s Day.

This post is written in response to the Happy Hours at Indiblogger in association with http://cupidgames.closeup.in.

Courtesy - Image from Calvin and Hobbes.

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