23 Nov 2015

Let's Get Tangled

I touched gently, glided to the right and pushed with my finger.

'Let's get tangled!'

As work almost consumed me, the buzz of my Smartphone startled me back to consciousness. The message illuminating the screen began to tempt me. I couldn't hide my smile. My fingers were itching in a hurry to type a reply, but there popped an email notification from my Outlook.

'Kindly provide the Ops support for today's code push starting 9 PM IST'

My smile began to fade while a thin crease of line settled in my forehead. I froze for a second but my Octa Core Processor powered phone never freezes during any such multi-tasking. I had to react to my love and also respond to work, a perfect crossroad situation.

I searched for my VPN token in my backpack. Gosh! It wasn't there. How would I make it up with her? My mind cursed for my habit of placing things in a hazy manner. I churned up my brain for some tricks that I can pull off to make my evening wonderful as planned and also save my job.

'Our life is tangled with Technology making us #Technocrats.' I thought as I docked my laptop at my desk. I sat down and mumbled to myself.

'Is there a way to connect to VPN from my phone?'

Suddenly my Micromax screen lit up. Google Now was listening and it started giving me endless suggestions. I immediately installed TeamViewer on my phone running on the latest Android Marshmallow and also in my laptop.

I walked to the parking lot while operating my laptop through my phone. My On-Site team would think I’m online from my desk. Fooling them was not all about it, but I had work to do. Just as I ignited the engine, my phone blinked again.

‘Did you buy that? ;)’

I smiled to her tease and started driving. At every signal, I responded to emails making my presence felt at the LIVE Support Chat.

As I took another U-Turn, the New Message brightened the screen.

'Flavor - Strawberry! :P'

She was giving me clues. I finally got hold of my rush and calmed down to reply to her.

'I’m on my way. Be ready ;)'

It started to drizzle. Before I could feel the breeze and the romance, the sky turned grey and started pouring. Perfect timing for a petty fight between Cupid and the Rain Gods. I got stuck in traffic. My mind was filled with warmth and the coziness waiting for me back at home.

But I was already late. Waze rescued me. My connections on the road who took an alternate route, helped me to get pass the traffic. Even before I rang the bell, she opened the door and crossed her arms against her chest. She stood there blocking my way and raised her eyebrow.

'You’re late...'

I leaned on her. 'I'm sorry baby'

'Uh Oh you have to wait...' She pushed me

'Should I?' I hugged her.

'Where is the surprise?' She demanded with curiosity.

'I couldn't get it but then I’ve got an idea.' I pulled her along as I entered.

She grabbed my hands and opened the bedroom door.

There she came running and jumped on me throwing her arms.


'Happy Birthday, Sweetheart..'

'See what Daddy has bought you.' My wife stood there with the Strawberry cake.

‘There’s more surprise,’ I quickly downloaded a movie with 4G connection in my phone and Cast it to the big screen.

'Let's get tangled!' I tickled her as we jumped on the couch to play her favorite movie Tangled.

20 Nov 2015

JewelStruck at Stylori

Jewels bring immense pleasure and happiness to every woman. And I am no exception. A gorgeous piece of jewelry adds beauty to a woman. Without a jewel, a woman’s wardrobe is not complete. Well, there are so many reasons why women crave jewelry. Some likes to rejoice the gift from a special person while some cherish an antique piece which connects her to the heritage.

Wearing a beautiful set of jewelry always makes me feel good. Simple or grand, I love ornating myself. Sometimes I feel even a tiny ring completes my look.

There is something about jewels that triggers my personal sense of delight. Be it gold, silver, diamond or fashion jewelry, expensive or not, it is something we women would be proud to own. I have a collection in my wardrobe to match my dresses, yet I still can't get enough of it.

Basically, I enjoy shopping a lot. And Jewelry shopping excites me more. The design, the cut and the shine, they are just marvelous. I can tell tales about it. My eyes go wide whenever I see some gorgeous pieces. Among the precious stones, diamonds and rubies are my favorites. Well, are there any girls who can resist them? Even the thought of this mesmerizing pendant puts a big smile on my face instantly.

Sparkling Ember Pendant

In this era of internet of things, I am much into online shopping. So the other day when I was luxuriously surfing for pretty jewels, I landed on Stylori and immediately I fell in love with their stocks.

Stylori.com is the online jewellery store for everyday fashion jewellery. At Stylori, you'll find modern jewellery crafted from certified metals and gemstones at affordable prices, presented in a convenient online shopping experience.

A pretty pendant for everyday use, a cocktail ring for a party, a traditional jhumkas to complete your wedding look and a gold coin for a perfect gift.. You will find it right here.

Stylori presents jewels with Style, brings you Love, which tells some beautiful Stories.

Wear it with Style
Baroque Tiara Pendant

Express your Love
Amber Jewelle

Every jewel has a story behind it.
Dazzling Trellis Jhumkas

At Stylori, the first thing that impress me apart from their stunning collection is the idea of customizing the jewelry - Yellow or White Gold in 14 & 18 carats and even the clarity of diamonds. This, I think is a great feature, not only in helping us to refine our choices but also helps manage the cost.

Stylori believes in latest fashion and style. They have a great inventory. The best thing is that they have both traditional as well as trendy designs and all their products are certified. Also the way they have named for each of their product is very fascinating.

In every product, we can see the Price Break up. i.e. they have individually listed the cost of the metal, diamonds, making charges and VAT which makes our shopping experience satisfactory. Other than jewelry, they also have a wide variety of Gold Coins, Solitaires and Gemstones.

Basically buying a piece of jewelry consumes a fair amount of time. And buying jewelry online is not very popular in our country. So it is obvious that we hesitate to buy it online. But then with the booming e-commerce industry, the sellers set the trends not only in terms of quality but also in terms of styling and pricing.

At Stylori, they have the cash on delivery option which assures that we receive the product in hand and then we pay. At rare cases, if you are not happy with the product, they offer 100% money back guarantee too. If you wish to update your jewelry collection, they offer lifetime exchange. Stylori provides free shipping within India.

I have been looking for a diamond ring to surprise my Mom on her birthday and now that I found this one perfect design at Stylori that fits her taste and well, my budget too, I am all set to shop.


If you wish to adorn yourself or gift someone a jewelry then visit Stylori. I hope you will find a perfect gift to your taste and budget, safely packed and delivered at your doorsteps.

This post is a part of the Stylori - Jewelry from Heart contest in association with the Chennai Bloggers Club, the hub for Chennai bloggers.

Click the jewelry images, a great shopping experience awaits you.

18 Nov 2015

A Bit Of This And A Tad Of That!

I blog. Hence I blog. I don’t talk much about my blog at home. They know I blog but only recently they discovered my Nibbles. Still we don’t talk much about it.

Blogging, I started it as a hobby. Now after 3+ years, I name it my Profession. However I’ve enjoyed the process of this evolution. The other day, when my cousin introduced me to her friends as a Blogger, they were all excited to know about the blogosphere.

I am Meera. I am a Blogger.

I am proud to say it. Her friends started asking more about my blog and tips to start a blog.

'What do you blog about?', they asked.

Basically, I tend to write random things and that's what my blog name suggests. One day I write a poem and the next day I post my love for food. I even talk about the books I read, the places I visit and also have written about fashion, styles and shopping. Another day you get to read short stories and there are days I publish product reviews. I even ended up writing technology posts. Does my blog fall under the category of food blogging, fashion blogging, creative blogging or reviews?

I also get to pursue my interest in photography. I may not be a great photographer but then knowing my photos are published in my blog and just that thought drives me to click better shots. Does that mean this is a photo blog? Well, yeah you can call it that too.

But when I write this and that and of course, all of the above, which category should I say my blog falls under? I always get confused especially at times of choosing one particular category while submitting my blog for awards and nominations.

I said after a pause, 'I am a lifestyle blogger!'.

About the tip, well, I have only one if you are interested in starting a blog. Just have only one blog and whatever you write, maintain your own style and stick to it. I say this because I have seen people with more than one blogs but then not all the blogs are active after a while. You know, it takes so much time and effort to maintain one good blog. So keep one blog and showcase what you are best at. Cos I bet those who love your photography would definitely love to read your poems too.

I enjoy writing. So why restrict myself in what I want to write? I learnt as a lifestyle blogger, I don't have to restrict myself with a particular category. I have freedom to choose my topics to write.

'Btw, what’s a Lifestyle blog?' my cousin asked.

I sat straight and smiled, 'A lifestyle blog is where I write whatever I am pleased to write!'

So, tell me what niche your blog is?

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15 Nov 2015

The Paradigm Of Greatness

People are like books. We learn and live our lives with people around us. Starting from our parents to our Facebook acquaintance, people are everywhere. Of all the people we come across, only a handful make real impact in our lives. Such people who can plant great ideas in our minds, cultivate goodness in our hearts and bring real change are Great. They are #MadeOfGreat and with their ingredients of greatness can make more greats. We read plenty of books, listen to videos, speeches and what not that talks about Inspiration, Motivation, Empowerment so on and so forth which tend to lead us to the path of greatness. But when we learn these from people those lessons get embedded within our lives forever.

When I type the words above, my mind is filled with one great person who taught me the values of life. I am what I am today because of My Grandmother.

Since my birth other than my mother the one person who has been always around me as I grew up was my maternal grandmother, until today and for the many more years to come. The first thing I got inspired about her as a toddler was her teachings. She had not been to school but she is a great teacher. The way she held my finger and taught me alphabets, the way she told us stories, I was awed by her knowledge. That’s when my admiration for her begun.

I always tell my grandmother that she is way ahead of her times. Her beauty shines both in her looks and attitude. The way she carries herself around the house is elegant and when she goes out she is admirable. I feel proud to go out with her to functions and family visits to see her charisma and the way she makes her presence felt.

Being the only child of my great grandfather, who established a legacy of his business and respected status of our family in our hometown, she was brought up to be the crown jewel of his legacy. I’ve heard stories about her young years but what I witnessed living with her was much greater than those stories. I’ve seen her making strategic decisions for the family, governing the Wakf treasury and managing its duties & people and more. She kept track of every penny earned and spent. Every such quality is a learning for me and my siblings throughout our lives.

I developed the character of sharing and caring from my grandmother. The way she takes care of the people who work for us at home and business was something we all look up to. Her level of helping reached its epitome when she built an independent house for one of our workers who has been with us for long. Following her footsteps, we take care of our workers' welfare and especially their children’s education. Her philanthropy has blessed us all with the prayers of the people in need.

She always exhibited patience and control during any situation, of which the people of my town sought her during their difficult times. One such incident was during the 1992 flood of Thamarabarani river in Tamil Nadu, which claimed hundreds of lives. My grandfather had made arrangements for the people who lost their homes while my grandmother supervised the entire panic situation very well bringing peace to the hearts of the people. She is like a super-heroine to me.

She is a wise woman. Right from my grandfather to family and friends, we all seek my grandmother’s counsel during tough times. Her counselling abilities are so well known for the stability and clarity they bring to everyone when nothing goes right. My brother and I used to joke around calling her Don, but the truth is her care for the family and her people is immense. Not only to our family but to the people in my hometown, she is a Legend.

Her bravery was another trait that I’ve adopted. The classic example that’s always on top of my head is the middle-east tour she and my grandfather took. During the last few days of the tour, my grandfather met with an accident at the hotel and was injured badly. She singlehandedly aided my grandfather, communicated in a foreign land and assembled people with just her presence of mind, to help her out of that panic situation. Thanks to my grandfather who gave her an emergency situation protocol during the initial days of their trip. Her brave act was applauded by everyone and it was a great lesson to all women. She was able to pull this off with her home grown knowledge. She taught us to be courageous in whatever situation we face.

She is a great writer and an amazing story teller. Her travelogue series of her middle-east trip which was published in a women’s Tamil magazine during the 70s was the best of her works and it was one of the famous Historic travel series of that time. I’ve learnt about my religion, my Prophet, good manners and a lot from her stories. I can keep talking about all the things that make my Grandmother great, but an important caliber that got inherited to me from her was - Writing. And that is the only reason I can register my thoughts on her in here. Her DNA of writing skipped my mother and got transferred to me completely. Well, I have to write more and lot better to reach her level. Also I’m a big fan of her cooking and I’ve have taken more cooking lessons from her than my mother. Not only at home but where ever she goes, she maintained her dignity till date. She inspired me in many ways. 

Undeniably my Ummama is #MadeOfGreat and I’m blessed to be her granddaughter to get guided in the path of a great in the making.

I love you, Ummama. You are the best! :)

The pioneer Tata believes in providing equal opportunity in developing talents, Messi believes in giving 100% and keep getting better & better with his talent. Their partnership to me is the handshake between great talent and great opportunity.

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Question: What do you think of Tata Motors’ association with Lionel Messi?’

10 Nov 2015

Festival Of Lights

Celebrate the Festival of Lights.

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