6 Oct 2015

The Survival

I want to live. I want to live badly.

But it spread inside me. It consumed my body wholly. Yesterday I was well, but today I am fighting for my survival. I know spending this one night is going to be harder than ever. I am lying on my bed all alone. I couldn't raise my head. The pain is suffocating me. Nobody cares to be around. My bedside table is filled with medications. But if only I get an antidote. My heart started beating high, letting my body drench in sweat. I am not able to breathe. I want to live. I want to live badly. I heard a creaking noise. The door opened and my mother entered. As she sits near my dying body and brushes my hair,

'Amma, will I survive this?', my voice breaks.

'Dei, it's just a COLD!'

4 Oct 2015

The Color Play

'Wow, so many colors.. Which one to pick?'   My cute little budgie found her new hobby..  :)

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30 Sep 2015


Busy life! No time! Zero fun! Ah.. All that’s rubbish. The technology of this era guides us to manage time very well and makes sure that we get a right dosage of entertainment in our daily lives. Technology and Entertainment have made a pact that they will go hand in hand such that the people of the world will cherish their innovation with loads of fun.

During my childhood days when my parents bought the first TV for us, me and my brother used to fight to get our TV time. Having only 9 buttons in that EC TV, we had to tune it manually every other time to get to watch our favorite channels, that too with a ‘leg’ fight.

After 10 years, we bought a new Panasonic TV with a Remote. Wow! We can switch channels by sitting in our sofa. We were happy at first but that too didn't last long. 'Give me my remote!', my brother demanded.  'From when did the remote become solely yours? huh' I hit him and so he lunges towards me grabbing my hair and got the remote control in hand. Even if I had to hand him over the remote, I DEMAND A TRIAL BY COMBAT!

With cable TV becoming popular those days, we started getting to watch more programs. So, obviously our favorite show list also became long. Then the scenario at home changed. Not only me and my brothers, but also my mom and granny joined the league. Then it was like, the one who has the remote in hand has the ultimate power. And others have to sit bored and wait for their turn. That too with a time limit. Shucks! How I wished we all had a separate TV. But that was too much to ask. A rare luxury!

Luxury? No wait… The scene then changed to SONY LCD TV and set top box. There came a way where we can record and re-play our favorite program whenever we need. That was a recent solution and that’s not helping much too. Because I still needed a TV to watch. Well, if only my wishes come true...

One fine day, Tata Sky (India’s leading DTH provider) introduces Tata Sky+ Transfer, a ticket to unlimited entertainment that is transferable. Now TV is not going to be the only device and the living room is not going to be the only place you watch your favorite shows/movies. Entertainment goes mobile, without the hassle of internet speed and without any compromise to the quality. Tata Sky has evolved in a groundbreaking manner!

Watch → Record & Play → Mobile TV App → Record. Transfer. Carry.

It looks to the naked eyes as a sleek and shiny electronic device with a curvy remote, but truly it’s a package of - ‘entertainment equipped by the best technology or technology loaded with the best entertainment’. Both sounds equally fair.

Anywhere, Anytime is trending in every field. Tata Sky+ Transfer brings this to our daily life and by all means gives everyone a world class experience. I have to be honest with how it touches our daily lives - It is a piece of tech-a-tainment.

Let's see what changed after...

Ladies first! My Granny and My Mom loves daily soaps. Especially, watching ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ on STAR PLUS is their daily ritual. But at the cost of my bro missing his ‘Let’s Football’ and ‘Barclays Premier League’ on STAR SPORTS. The LIVE Stream option of Tata Sky+ Transfer comes to the rescue. The ladies watch their daily soap after it gets recorded but no need to wait for the transfer, it just streams live to their iPad as they do their chores. And my bro gets to watch his sports action on the big screen simultaneously.

My 6 yr old niece is mad about the ‘MAD’ show on POGO. And it’s difficult to move her away from the TV because she gets mad if she misses a scene/tip. My Dad is the only person who watches vintage movies in SUN LIFE and ZEE CINEMA. The clash between a 6 yr old and a 60 yr old itself becomes a reality show. Now like a candy for the kid - the REWIND FORWARD PAUSE feature on the recorded content lets the little one crafts the art to perfection. And an easy chair for the old man - the VOD service helps my Dad watch movies like ‘PAASA MALAR’ and ‘SANGAM’ in his Android Phone at his comfort. Tata Sky+ Transfer makes it win win for everyone.

And finally the real misfits fixed. Me and my cousin. I’m a ‘Game Of Thrones’ girl, he is a ‘The Big Bang Theory’ guy. I like ‘Action Thrillers’, he likes ‘Animated’ movies. It’s always a big time battle between us to watch what we want and not let watch what the other wants. :P

Tata Sky+ Transfer made us sign a peace treaty. With it’s HD Recording feature and 500 GB Hard Disk, we let the TV and Remote undamaged. We record, transfer and carry our favorite shows and movies wherever we go and watch whenever we want. Now he takes his ‘MythBusters’ to his garage and I take my ‘MasterChef’ recipes to my kitchen. Ah, life is so peaceful. Thanks to #TATASkyTransfer.

All in all, Tata Sky+ Transfer has opened up a new dimension of mobile entertainment for the entire family. End of the day the TV Remote was lying next to the Tata Sky+ Transfer as if they were making a conversation. It felt like a new romance.

You can get your own Tata Sky+ Transfer here.

Pic n Video Courtesy : TATASkyTransfer
Comic strip developed using Pixton and Bitstrip.

22 Sep 2015

#IAm16ICanRape ~ Book Review

Kirtida Gautam’s #IAm16ICanRape, is the latest of my read. When I started reading, I knew this will pique my interest but little did I know this book would be impactful.

#IAm16ICanRape - To be honest, the title first gave me a shock. It was more like a statement than a title. As it implies, this book talks about rape and juveniles. It exposes the untold side of rape and also questions the sensibility of Indian Juvenile Law. ‘I am 16, Can I rape?’ If a person has the ability to do such a heinous crime, how come he is not an adult? This question is rightly hammered in our minds.

Kudos to the author for she chose this highly sensitive topic for her first novel and she has done justice to it.

Hopping to and fro between the chapters, is an interesting sequence to read. 
An introductory flowchart as a guide to read the chapters is innovative. The story is grounded in Bangalore, the city where I spent my last year. So it was easy for me to get connected to the localities mentioned.

About the author Kirtida Gautam, she is a clinical psychologist turned screenplay writer from FTII, Pune. Kirtida has used her screenplay skill effortlessly and it worked well for this plot.

Subhangi Tyagi, the rape victim survivor. I was moved by the courage she showed when she admitted that she felt responsible for what happened to her but not guilty. I liked her firm attitude. At one point, unknowingly my eyes welled up with tears, when Subhangi was talking about the difficult moment she underwent. I got emotionally involved.

Aarush Kashyap, a champ for his grandfather, fun loving and caring to his friends, lovable to his girlfriend and a charming guy who any girl would dream of. Each characters in their narration tried to help us to know more about him. But who is he exactly? Just because the story revolved around him, does this mean he is the protagonist? Well, maybe or maybe not. And I liked all the different shades in his character.

Characters were well etched with strong personality and powerful emotions. Every character is pivotal and each of their narration helps to understand the story in different perspective. I liked reading Pihu's chapters and her relationship with Aarush which was sweet and innocent. Other than her, few other characters impressed me with their credibility. Rudransh Kashyap, Ananya and Taz to mention.

During the read I came across couple of words being repetitive. More than one character used the same word multiple times and I couldn’t avoid noticing. Once I got a hang of the story, I couldn't keep this book down. The story maintained its pace throughout except for its length. At the closing, this book changed my perspective on this issue.

#IAm16ICanRape is a mind-boggling psychological thriller and an intense drama which keeps you gripped till the end. Altogether, it is an engrossing story with a profound capacity to stay with us for long. A must have in the must read list.

This book is available at Amazon and Flipkart.

20 Sep 2015

Surprise Surprise!

After long, here’s my attempt to create comic strips hoping to tickle your wits with mine. Enjoy the comic.

Birthday Comics #1

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