21 Aug 2014

In Love with A Blackie

As the title says, I am in love with a blackie but better not to assume things now itself.. :P

The color black has associated with me in many ways. From my abayas to watch to accessories I wear, the color makes me sophisticated, subtle and stylish and makes me a Woman In Black!

Recently this WhatTheBlack contest at BlogAdda brought my Black desires out. Even though I was short-listed by BlogAdda, sadly I did not receive the gifts for that 4 day fun activity. I was eagerly waiting to pull the Sherlock out of my brain but oops.. my bad. Well, that's okay.. Three days back I received this as an answer to.... WhatTheBlack? question we all raised. At last, the surprise is the Charcoal Tooth Brush from Colgate. Hehe ^_^

As you all know, another blackie I have been associated with lately is Thee Tabellet.. Dell Venue. From playing to praying, it’s been a part of my day to day activities. Dell venue 8 serves to my every day browsing needs without any difficulty. Apart from these, as a blogger, it indeed helps me in many ways to stay connected with my blog almost all the time via Blogger and other social networking apps.

One morning, I woke up with an idea (or is that what I saw in my dream?) I felt amused and so I wanted to give it a shape. But I was too lazy to get up from my bed in that wee hour and walk to my laptop and open it to type down. Plus my lappy is also growing too old lately for it takes time to open its eyes from its sleep mode. So whenever I get some interesting/fun ideas (after all I only get such spark rarely, I dare not to miss them), I decided I should note that down immediately. That’s when Dell came to my rescue.

Jus turning it on is more than enough and go to the notepad and type instantly. Good, that I din’t forget what was in my head that day. And one such post that I did enjoy writing in one flow recently was - Quest Of A Fat Little Brat. Click and have fun reading it. :P

Is it too much if I say Dell is very handy and designed for life on the go? 

I’d like to highlight one of its features today - Mobile Network. In Dell Venue 8, there’s a slot where we can insert a sim card and activate the mobile net in a fraction of second. Voila! It helped me during my travel days and especially with the monthly maintenance 'power cut' day in my hometown where there is no power for almost 12 hours n more. Thanks to Dell Venue, for I can stay connected to the world without lagging behind.

Check out the features à Here
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I have fallen in love with my Tabelleett for I hate to stay away from it even for few minutes. But as the days moving on quickly, I started feeling sad for they will take my Blackie from me. L

Right now, I only wish this Dell Venue stays with me for a long long time....!

18 Aug 2014

The Madras Song

This post is solely dedicated to Enga Ooru Madras.

Chennai based conglomerate, Murugappa group proudly presents #TheMadrasSong in association with The Hindu, on the occasion of the 375th anniversary of Madras. This song is a tribute to Madras. The video and the song portrays the essence of the city in the contemporary way.

Click HERE for more from the album of the private screening event and also you can visit their YouTube channel for this song that’s been released today.

Just watched the video. Its so cool and fun. I totally enjoyed watching it. This video also features some of the famous personalities from Madras.

I liked the short n fun intro given by RJ Balaji. Singer Shakthishree Gopalan has rendered beautifully the lyrics of Subu which was composed by Vishal Chandrashekhar. The lead girl in the video, Yasmin Ponnappa was good and the video was directed by Vijay Prabakaran.

I share this song video here for the love for my city, Chennai/Madras. 

Enjoy watching this number, Buddies...!

Kudos to #TheMadrasSong team for the effort you put to deliver us this cool song.

Keep Rocking!

8 Aug 2014

From Fasting To Feasting...!

On Eid morning, my mom tried to wake me up twice but I was too lazy to even open my eyes. I think it was sometime around 7 AM, I got that call.

'Rat, you've got a package. Open the door NOW!'

'Err.. What?'

It was like a dream. I opened my eyes fully and urged to the door in a hurry and collected My Borosil parcel with a big and happy smile from our regular and friendly courier man. He traveled all the way to deliver my package on a holiday for nearly an hour or two. Big thanks to him. I really did not expect it that day but I only wished. It was truly a surprise for me.. And it was...

My Perfect Eid Gift,
Very well packed,
Reached me safe n sound,
To uplift my spirit,
Without getting cracked..
And with the audience around...
WooHoo..!! Its Show Time!!

 I am excited and delighted to be the owner of these lovely set.

Welcome to my 'belated' Eid Feast..!!

I am too generous to offer my favorite Daim toffees and welcome you all to my wonderful home. ^_^


Now, pick your favorite color :)


Lunch is served..!

Tomato Pachdi


Fried Chicken

Raita & Pachdi

Delicious Biriyani

From Fasting To Feasting

Hah.. What a variety..! A hearty meal served in the beautiful Borosil makes me crave even more. :D
*Drools.. Nibbles.. Gobbles.. Dribbles..*

Try this hot and sweet traditional pudding called Vattalappam. Trust me, this is so yum. :)


*Slurrpp.. Burrrpp...!*

You : Ahem.. Ahem.. @?!#

Oh.. Hey You.. Sorry buddy... I was so hungry, hehe..  Don't be shy..! The table is all yours. Help yourself. Do I have to tell you to take a second helping? ;-)

Wait.. Wait.. Wait.. Where are you leaving? The feast isn't over yet.

A feast without an Ice cream, huh? If you still have some space in your stomach, have it. :P

Serving my festival feast in these most appealing crystal clear dishes makes me a proud host, indeed. 

Thank you, Borosil for deliciously presenting my Beautiful Food and tempting my guests to eat heartily. <3

This post is a part of My Borosil - Beautiful Food Round 2 contest at IndiBlogger.

Click on the images for better resolution.

3 Aug 2014

Happy Birthday, A Rat’s Nibble.!

It was like only few months back when I first started scribbling with my nibbles but with days passing so quickly, A Rat’s Nibble has grown to be a 2 year old toddler today. Amazed I am, when I think of it. 

Happy Birthday, A Rat’s Nibble. You just turned two!!

Two years ago, on this very day, I created my space here as I needed escapism from my dull days. I’m so glad I initiated with a blog, which sparked my interest and introduced me to a totally new and a wonder world where I can be completely myself.

*Completely myself, eh? But why did you choose to be a Rat?* you might want to ask.

Why did I call my blog A Rat’s Nibble? And why Rat of all the names? Time to answer, I guess. Well, Rat is my name. ^_^

Have you met our cockatiel, Nusi Kili? If not, meet him HERE, he’s so cute, you know ;) Actually to spell it right, he should be Nussy and he is named after me. Yup.. his name and the blog name somehow derived from my name itself. When I was very young, I used to play with my cousin who has grey eyes and with her two top pony tails, she used to look like a cat. So one day when we were playing together, hide and seek, I think.. my father started teasing her... 

Pussy cat... Pussy cat...
Don’t catch Nussy Rat...!

And this funny little rhyme stuck with me till now. Nussy Rat, Huh? Wait.. My full name is Meera Nusrat. Splitting my second name into two, my bro named our cockatiel with the first half while I named my blog with the second, after all its me who is going to nibble here. And this is my little ‘naming ceremony’ tale of a Rat. :-)

Today by God’s grace I am one happy Rat in the town, who carelessly nibbles while I look for interesting mission to solve my quests everyday to write my stories with little turns and twists. :D

Having met some great people here and made few good friends who encouraged and mould me to be a better nibbler, I think I did manage to create a stir with my pebbles, now and then. While I have read many awesome writings from you all, I also have learned a lot and there are more things yet to learn, as I am still a novice blogger.

Happy Friendship Day!! 
I am dedicating this post to all my friends out here J

Thanks to everyone of you who journeyed with A Rat’s Nibble patiently bearing my slight (?!) craziness, because you alone help me to survive in this beautiful world.

Again on this fine occasion, a dull bulb flickering above my head, making me to look for yet another harebrained idea to think what kinda party I should throw and amuse you like last time. I remember how much I was super excited with your support and encouragement for my NibblePromptly’ Fun Contest on my blog’s first birthday.

As for now, there are lot many contests already going on in the blogosphere and spinning around your head and you are wildly experimenting with your creativity and framing your words, I am quite confused about the party, er.. contest to host right now. O_o  So let me wait for a while and see if I can come up with yet another fun contest for you to weave with your creativity this year as well. So hold on to your seats till then.... Even I am waiting to see what’s in store for A Rat’s Nibble’s 2nd Birthday bash. :D

Look forward to a party at A Rat’s Nibble.. (where else it could possibly be.. :P) Being my blog’s birthday, what more reason do I need to celebrate? So keep your clock ticking and get ready to nibble with a Rat, sooner or later. :D

Happy Birthday, A Rat’s Nibble. Two years and still more to go, Inshaallah. May you live longer and give me more reason to party :D

Finally, the Rat starts to think..... o_O   -.- zZzZz

g ^o_O^ D    Nn-Ii-Gg-Hh-Tt....!!!

30 Jul 2014

My Food Journey In Bangalore ~ Part 6

First of all, my Eid Wishes to everyone. Here, this is about one of my yet another Food Journeys in Bangalore but this time it is going to be about the month of fasting to feasting.

It is only this time of the year where you would see brightly lit, colorful stalls selling Kebabs, Haleem, Biriyani and hot drinks including Harira and Qawa along with a huge crowd of happy faces indulging in feast almost all night long. It is the holy month of Ramadan – the month of fasting observed by Muslims all around the world – that brings Bangalore city to life every night. One destination that everyone in the city should go to during this festive season is Mosque Road, Frazer Town at Bangalore.

Glimpse Of Frazer Town

One night after our Tharaweeh prayers, we were heading to this very place to taste the yummy delicacies they serve till past midnight through out this Islamic month. When we drove there, it was really a hassle to find a good parking space, with too much of a crowd, even at that time of the night. So we decided to wander in the car to get a glimpse of that packed road. But somehow we managed to park our vehicle and then walked into the stalls and merge with the crowd to try some variety of food in that food haven.

This food exhibition starts as the sun sets and the Azan (prayer calling) is called out from the mosque indicating that the day long fast can be broken. This popular food street is engulfed by traffic and people who rush into various shops to get a taste of such enticing delights. The spicy aroma of charcoal-ed meat is mouth watering and brings out the glutton inside you. The road is lined with stalls that prove to be a meat lover’s paradise.

My brother who visited there earlier said that another flavor of the season is  sea food - a platter of prawn, fish and crab kebabs and one could get it for just Rs.90. Another dish that has earned the popularity among the customers was the perfectly cooked spicy beef, served with a portion of string hoppers.

Apart from the spicy hot curry shops, the sweet stalls are to long for as well. The yummy cold Faloodas, warm tasty Hariras, syrup-dripping jamuns, ice creams and kulfi cubes are few of the dishes that enticed our sweet tooth. If you are there, you should not miss trying the tasty Kulfi cubes. Mmm.. it is so yum and very nicely served in a cup with a toothpick. And then we tried to talk to one sweet young boy who was selling Date Pan Beda wrapped in a glitter paper like chocolates. But too bad he couldn't understand English while we couldn't speak his tongue. :(

We asked one of the stall keeper about their businesses and the food they sell. He said, ‘Customers come to my stall just to have a plate of string hoppers and beef. I can make business by simply cooking these dishes alone’

That day I carried my Dell Venue 8 just in case I thought I could click some variety of dishes but then I happened to shoot for few seconds here n there. Plus it helped me to check the video quality apart from Photo quality at night time and I think it was quite decent for a tab. Btw, I must mention watching the videos in Dell is so good as we can even increase the brightness of the particular video (and not the screen) that we shot even in the low light. And I really liked that feature.

Here is the Glimpse of Frazer Town I shot using Dell and edited using Movie Maker.


Btw, remember these are street food and one cannot expect much of hygiene from it. But still this is where the real taste lies. And the crowd says it all.

If you are in the city by any chance next year during Ramadan, most probably by the month of May/June, try to visit there, if alone you think you enjoy this kinda feast. :)

Happy Eating. And once again, Belated Eid Mubarak!

Check out the Dell Venue specifications --> Here and also look for the Tablet's Offer/Promo/Deal --> Here.

Wait for the Eid Delicacies from my home... will post them soon. :P

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