27 Jul 2014

Black : It’s a Guy Thing!!

Being a girl I am curious enough to know what guys desire for in black, I asked Crazy Guy while he was watching Football so keenly and no mood to even turn his head to look at me :-/ Bad time I know but still I can’t help it as the deadline is nearing.

Crazy Guy : Huh #WhatTheBlack? Er.. Black color has a strange charm to it. Shall I call it Beautiful..? Powerful..? Tempting..? Inviting..? Chaotic..? Peaceful..? Mystery..? Inquisitive..? Sexy..? and hey.. Black is a superb movie too.

Dumb Girl : Oh yeah.. Black is an awesome movie. I loved it. It made me wonder how a person couldn’t see anything would possibly see.

CG : Can we say it Black?

DG : Yeah, I think we can. But.. ayyo... I am not asking what you think of Black. I asked what you wish to own in that color and why.

Oh Wokayy... I wanna get a fashionable and versatile Black Shirt first and then the rest. Guys grab attention when wearing black, you know.

Don’t you think it’ll make you even more blackie? :P

Haha, very funny. Nowadays girls start to like guys who are darker. Style, ma.. Namma Super Star Style...! You are jealous, aren’t you?  ;)

DUHH!! Why should I? Fine.. Go on with your list...

I desire for an envious ride in a Black Pulsar with my girl friend hugging me from behind. What do you think?

Hmmph.. Poor girl.!!

Having such a smart and fierce Black Bike and go for a fast drive just like Thala Ajith.. Semma feeling.. You won’t get it. It’s a Guy thing!!

Yeah Okay. I agree bike is an amusing choice. But the girl friend part is bit too much for you. Never mind. So what next?

Then I prefer iPhone-5S. I wish I hold that minimalist, subtle and a classy Black iPhone in my hands and mark my presence.

Not bad after all... Then?

Not bad, eh? Its not just a phone, remember.. Its ‘i Phone..!!

Okay Okay.. Jus kidding.. it’s indeed a cool choice.. You’ve got some good taste, after all. Say, what next?

How about one huge classy 90” Black Samsung LED TV hanging there in my living room. Settling comfortably in my couch and watching the match with my friends. Shaa.. Superb, na..? Wish I get such a lively experience and feel that josh as if we are there in the stadium.

Hey that’s a good one. If that happens, I’ll join too. HeHe :D

Nope. You're not allowed.. You talk too much...

That we will see after your wish comes true.. Now tell me more... :-/

Shitt.. Goal missed..

He almost jumped from the seat. Then finally he turned my side and paused for a moment.

I like to look at your smudgy kohl filled mysteriously beautiful black eyes. They entice me every time I see them. They make me feel like I miss something.

He mumbled less audibly, ‘I think I must fall in love immediately’


You still want more?

I shook my head in silence and wonder if he was trying to tell me something more... after all I am just a Dumb Girl.

Black always makes things curious and so does he.. :# WhatTheBlack? Any ideas?

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My Ramadan with Dell

The holy month of Ramadan almost comes to an end. With the Bangalore weather nice and chill throughout the month, it was quite easy to fast by the day and to go out for night prayers. I must say I am already starting to miss it, as this is a special month for every Muslim comprises of those special late night prayers and fasting. Traditionally, this is the month that brings fasting by the day and the prayers & feast by the night.

On the first day of this Islamic month I took a resolution that I should complete reading the Holy Book. And I was so certain that I should recite it without any distraction and interruption since my aim was to finish one whole Quran in the four weeks of fasting. But with some extra household work and other usual routines, my reciting time was limited to only few hours per day. Even though it is more time than what I usually spend, it still made me guilty, feel less pious as if like I am missing something. So I wish for a handy Quran wherever I go, accessible to me all the time, even when I travel or while others asleep at nights.

I usually stay awake at nights like an owl, staying up and pray till dawn, while my granny sleeping in the same room and with the lights turned off. Imagine how tough it could be to read anything in my room that too without disturbing her. Having numerable apps in my phone, I downloaded Holy Quran from Play Store but only to find out that the letters were smaller and only to strain my eyes at nights. So reciting at nights became nearly impossible and less convenient.

That’s when I decided to download the app in my Dell Venue 8. Reading a random book in a tab is good but as you know, reciting a Holy Book needs more concentration and we shouldn’t be getting distracted and lose our piety. To my surprise, Holy Quran in Dell became so accessible and convenient. It is a pleasant experience as it is like I’m reciting the virtual version of the Holy Book.

Turning the pages is as simple as that with one touch it slide from one page to the next. The verses are also easy to read along with the translation and each chapter is highly accessible. The only constraint at first I thought was the brightness of the tab irking my granny’s sleepy eyes, but this ain't a problem at all with the option to reduce its brightness. Dell comes handy to me and I must say it arrived in a right time.

Apart from prayers and recitals, another Ramadan must-do in every Muslim household is preparation for Iftar, the meal we take to break our fast at the time of sunset. We usually prepare Haleem Kanji and short eats along with fruits and a dessert. One day, we invited some guests for Iftar and we planned to serve them Kanji, usual Samosas along with our specialty dishes Banana Fritters and Bourbon Biscuit Pudding. I made the dessert little earlier as the custard needed enough time to set. Even though they are quite simple dishes and 'n' number of times we made, unfortunately my cousin can never remember her recipe for fritters. She carry her laptop where she has saved her so-called ‘secret’ recipe and keep it in kitchen counter every time she makes it, at the risk of getting oil, batter and water all over the keyboard and the screen. So this time, I let her to try the Dell to see how it works as a recipe book.

I typed her recipe in the notepad and kept it hidden under the kitchen counter so she can see it while others not. Since the preparation time is a last minute work to serve the guests hot and crispy fritters, and that too without them noticing our 'recipe book'. Voila.. her work done in a jiffy without any hassle and she dint even touch the tab like her recipe book or the lappy. Not a single drop of mess on it. As we served our guests, they were awed by the tastes, while we were exchanging smiles at each other. After all they don’t know the reason behind our smiles J

Check out the Dell Venue specifications --> Here.

You can buy this Tablet online with an easy and secure EMI or COD payment from --> HERE.

21 Jul 2014

Woman In Black

So  #WhatTheBlack? I’m dying out of curiosity as the name itself stirs my interest.

While the sun immerses into the sea and the different hues of sky merge together, I’m enjoying the night’s chillness looking at the splashing waves. Perceiving the sky turns beautifully ever painted in black, I close my eyes.. wishing for my desire as the intriguing darkness grows...


I go craze for sunglasses and I’m so certain that I want it Black and Big. It adds drama to my style and persona. How cool and comfortable it is to walk with my glamorous black coolers on, under the hot sun wickedly smiling at me.

Wish my eyes chill out behind this Black...


As a statement piece, I wish for this bewitching and luxurious Hublot watch adorned brilliantly with Black Diamonds. I’d rather buy ONE and Black. Rich, sophisticated, subtle and totally ME.

Wish my wrist gets star struck that it lacks...


Maxis are always been my favorite. It makes me look slimmer, elegant and ladylike. Wish I update my wardrobe with a new trendy Black Maxi, perfect choice for all seasons.

Now, call me a Woman In Black!


Would I say no to add this new sleek iPad in my collection, which is dressed in black just like me?. I desire to own this gorgeous gadget as my personal signature. So convenient it is, to have a tab!

Wish I hold this sexy beauty in black...


With my interest in Photography, I wish for an alluring Black Canon DSLR camera. I like to capture anything I find interesting or shall I say, I capture and then like to make it interesting.

Wishing I pose for my own classy camera holding my black iPad...

 I stand up and walk back...!

Any guesses?  #WhatTheBlack?

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18 Jul 2014

The Bloom

Slowly unfolds in the dawn
Whiff of scent fills the air
Beautiful flower, I see.

These pictures are clicked my brother. This is also shared in Thursday Challenge for the theme – Flowers.

14 Jul 2014

Our Cockatiel’s Nibbles

Our Cockatiel, Nusi Kili usually joins our Iftar table where short eats and fruits are served at the time of breaking our fast. He is one real foodie. Whenever he gets an opportunity to taste delicious food, he won’t miss the chance at all. No matter if he is already full. :P

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