13 Jan 2015

Reach The Heights


Its been a while we met. Hope you are well. And first of all, let me wish you a wonderful new year. May God showers His blessings upon us. Today as my first post of 2015, I wish to share a story of someone I know. He, who came forth fearlessly out of his small world, to prove himself that he is no different from others.

Besides this, on a personal journey, I am in search of my purpose and upon knowing it I wish I have the strength to go after it. I hope that I can raise myself to such level. But am I prepared well for my destiny?

When I met Hari few years ago during my volunteering days in an NGO, the first word which came to my mind was ‘Hari is shy’. He doesn’t look at you and if you’re meeting him for the first time, he won’t even speak to you. Hari happens to be in the autistic spectrum and had been diagnosed with his disorder when he was a small child. At first, his parents were not able to accept that his only son was diagnosed with Autism.

But today, Hari is a changed person. With his family’s planning and support along with relevant training throughout, he has overcome his biggest challenge. He has completed his diploma and now he is employed at a multinational company with a good pay.

Today his parents are happy to see their son has got a job by establishing himself that he is just as capable as everyone. Hari and his parents are one such living example who went forth fearlessly ‘Khud ko kar Buland’

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Birla Sun Life Insurance believes that we are in control of our destiny. We don’t know what’s in store for us next minute. Life insurance is important as much as the pursuit of our destiny. If we are financially secured, it gives courage to manage our needs any time. Basically, security gives us the opportunity to follow our passion and do great things in life. Secure your family’s future in this increasingly uncertain world and don’t leave their dreams to fate.


Khudi ko kar buland itna
Ke har taqder se pehle
Khuda bande se ye poche
Bata teri raza kya hai


Raise thyself to such heights,
That God himself may ask –

What do you wish me to write your fate?


These lines inspire me to find what I want from life.

But life does throw us many surprises which we can deal with if only we are ready to face it. After meeting Hari’s parents I learnt how strong they were to overcome their struggle in their early stage with some unexpected events happened in their life. All of which led them to plan well for their financial security to create this beautiful life for their son.

When talking to Hari, he said that he wants to be independent and live on his own. With his energy and belief, it is not an impossible dream.

People say ‘Dream big’. Because dreams are what define us, empower us and make us happy. They are what drive us towards the purpose and give a meaning to our life. In a nutshell, dreams are what make the world a better place. So what are we waiting for?

Our dreams are out there waiting for us. Let’s go live it. Stay happy. Keep smiling. Enjoy your blessed days ahead!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year..!

PS - For personal reasons, I have changed the name here. Btw, I know I am not being regular lately. Giving you an excuse that I am bit occupied with some personal matters. Sorting out one by one, I will see you around soon and more, and especially with a new contest announcement coming month. So wait for it.! I miss you all.!

10 Dec 2014

Doorway to my Holiday - Day 1

Travel means different things to different people. For some it is an adrenaline rush while for some it is just a break from routine. It makes people happy, ecstatic or just keeps some entertained. And I have been looking forward to know what it is to me for quite a long time.

Basically, I love to travel (oh now let's not mention about the aching body after my road trip). Since I didn't get much chance to explore places, I have been nagging my people to plan a trip for so long. Even a weekend getaway would give me that pleasure. For some reason or the other, family trip seems to be a distant dream for us. It’s always difficult to bring my brothers and cousins together and arrange for the trip. One day it all fell in place. The doorway to my holiday finally opened and offered me an excellent travel experience. We started our fun road trip to Wayanad from Bangalore.

Wayanad, here we come!

Day 1

It was an exciting 6 hour fun on the road where we enjoyed the scenic beauty and awesome weather throughout the journey. In between we stopped for lunch and then again we drove continuously playing some great music.

My first time to Kerala. No wonder it is the God's Own Country. It is one such place where the nature spreads its joy everywhere.

Muthanga forest welcomed us as we entered our destination but we didn't stop there. Since we started off late, we decided to reach the resort before it gets dark. So no sightseeing at Wayanad on day 1. But that was totally fine as we spent that whole evening sitting in the terrace refreshing ourselves with delicious hot tea and mesmerized at the beautiful view of Chembra Peak.

We were very pleased with the reception and felt special and very welcoming at the resort. A good collection of books were greeting us in the reception hall and I am happy to meet Harry Potter after sometime. :P

Later we got busy with taking selfies and recording our memories. After the delicious dinner, we played dumb charade for an hour or so and then I smoked Shishah for the first time.

Doorway to my holiday

Beautiful view of Chembra Peak from our room 

The day 1 of our trip was filled with awesome memories. Day 2 and 3 pictures are on their way. J

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24 Nov 2014

A Lonely Traveler

Drifting as a lonely nomad
Under the evening sun
She is all alone and stranded
Sailing up and down
Like a pearl in the oyster,
To the never ending music of waves...
Or is she a jelly fish idling in the water
With painful desire, she craves?
Hope and fear in her painted black eyes
'Oh, where is my man?'
Who left her behind to break the ice
Making her wait for someone.
Let the prince show up to give one true kiss
To guide her swim ashore
And make her life a real bliss -
Till then...
She is a lonely traveler,
Gently striding along the tides...!

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21 Nov 2014

Mosque in Taif

Two years back during our Umrah journey to Mecca, we went on a day trip to Taif, a hill station in Saudi Arabia. This historical mosque in Taif  - Masjid Abdullah Ibn Abbas(ral) have a library inside. Our time well spent looking at the display of ancient inscriptions, scriptures and one of the first few handwritten Holy Quran.

This picture post is also shared in Thursday Photo Challenge - Theme Architecture.

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30 Oct 2014

Beyond Boundaries ~ Dell with INKTalks 2014

Centuries ago, connecting with a person of common interest behind a different boundary was an impossible task. But as the time and technology evolves, now we can work with an artist in Rome to paint a portrait in Chennai with the technology of telecommunication.  Telecommunication has been successfully growing and connecting people beyond boundaries. It has also blurred the lines which used to separate people. From telephones to internet, from telegrams to video calls, technology’s evolution has been a journey filled with connecting people around the globe.

Nowadays, becoming an expert in any field is much more of a social process than it used to be. Being an expert is no longer about what we know so much, as understanding what questions to ask, who to ask, and applying knowledge contextually to the specific situation at hand. Instead, it has often been associated with teaching and mentoring. So today it's more concerned with learning than knowing.

Because of the development in technology, the nature of knowledge is changing, and that affects not only what we teach, but also how we teach.

Dell partners with INKTalks

The INKTalk 2014 conference is going to start from 31st October in Mumbai on the theme 'Beyond Boundaries'.

Dell always is a pioneer in technological advancement and creative ideas. Now Dell India partners with INKTalks for their 2014 conference in Mumbai. And it is no surprise, Dell come up with this amazing concept in association with INKTalks.

Dell has always been at the forefront of technological advancement and creative thinking, therefore it came to me as no surprise when they partnered with INKTalks for their 2014 Conference in Mumbai. The tie up with INKTalks is an addition to Dell’s inspiring ideas which emphasize the commitment with the younger generations.

I believe the INKTalks 2014 is going to be insightful, inspiring and entertaining. This conference is an annual celebration of thinkers and doers from diverse walks of life. World visionaries – CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, technologists, scientists & more – gather under one roof for a cross-pollination of ideas and chance encounters for the next big breakthrough.

The INKTalks conference is known for its exciting ideas and maps out the future innovations through creative thinking. The conference encourages interdisciplinary collaboration where the opinions and ideas of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and film makers, to name a few come together on equal footing.

With this partnership, Dell aims to engage students in a year long conversation with Dell and INKtalks to encourage a strong sense of social orientation and bring student communities together to share knowledge and ideas with peers and work on collaborative projects, all to prepare them for real life challenges.

Here’s a short video that’ll give you a taste of INK2014.

Click HERE to know the exciting range of speakers and follow the session schedule.

While you tweet, do add #DellAtInkLive regarding the conference.

Do not miss to catch the flavor of Dell Session on How to Create a Brand on Social Media that will take place on the 1st of November, between 3 and 4 pm.

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